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New World Vision is a publishing company designed to produce literary art that entertains while providing meaningful prose with purpose and directive. This platform is an alternative to the one-size-fits all readership generated by conventional publishers. New World Vision only produces social justice projects; nonfiction or fiction with the goal of making the world a better place for all. That Crazy Insanity Defense, A Journey Through Murder, Pain, and Greed, is New World Visions’ highly anticipated initial book launch that embodies the vision. We’re pleased to present a team of very talented and committed editors, artist and educators that will bring your project to a life that reflects your vision. Our team will not only get your book on the traditional online marketplace sites (Amazon, Barnes and Nobles), we also partner with local small book stores throughout the country to generate interest in your literary journey.  


New World Vision works as an author mentor. We will take an author's vision and transform it into an error-free work of art. If you simply want to create a book, NWV may not be suitable for you. We only produce quality art; we will not cut cost on our production. NWV will analyze your manuscript and determine the level of intervention needed to create a book that's "best seller" quality. And essentially every manuscript will need layers of edits in addition to  cover and interior art. You, however, can be confident that these edits will result in a project you will be proud to attach your name to. We do not provide cost plans since the goal here is to produce quality, meaningful art. After we analyze your manuscript, we will give you a detailed cost plan, which will include marketing your book.  Marketing, however, is optional.  

After today, we are one step closer to a better tomorrow. 

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